This Victorian village house and garden were both in need of restoration. Having previously already created a garden for this client, we were invited to create a second garden for them around their new home. 


A stately avenue of box-pleached Lime trees was sourced and planted to frame the new approach and attractive front façade, whilst offering an element of privacy from the road.  We then framed the front door with simple year-round structural planting to enhance the sense of arrival.

Previously, there had been very little existing structure to the garden, so rooms were created by the introduction of mature clipped Yew and Hornbeam hedging. Some of this hedging has also been used to interesting effect to frame features and views, or to create intrigue as to what lies beyond.

Due to the sheltered and sunny nature of the main garden, planting has been designed to offer a Mediterranean feel with the introduction of scented Roses, Agapanthus, Rosemary, bearded Irises and Lavender.

A new tennis court, vegetable garden and wildflower meadow were designed and created. Semi-mature native trees were planted to help soften the view towards other village houses and provide privacy.


After only three years the garden is looking very well established. We still consult annually to ensure the garden continues to develop as intended.

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